Engagement Models

The Practice-Bangalore-Nagpur-www.thepractice.co.in is the coming together
of over 30 years of individual experience in the SCM and IT-ERP ecosystem.
This has brought a new insight into the OPERATIONS of the SCM-
Procurement -Logistics-Warehousing- and Inventory Management function by
companies – large and small.

Backed by such rich and varied exposure, TPN brings a new
experience to the Indian Supply Chain ecosystem combining the services and
benefits of IT for the successful functioning of the SCM function whose
primary objective would be to optimize all materials resources at the least
possible cost and time with no compromise on quality.

In view of this experience, TPN is confident of providing the desired
solution to the customer along with Business Consulting to design and
implement an optimum solution in the desired time-frame. The team members
have vast ‘hands-on’ experience in Procurement, Warehousing , Inventory,
Logistics domain over 30 years in India and overseas.
We engage with customers in the following ways –


We believe that the project benefits listed on a slide deck take effort, dedication, and persistence to
be delivered on ground. Quite often we follow a model where we link our remuneration to the initial
agreed upon project KPIs and deliverables. Our typical Gain Share engagements include Supply Chain
Management,, Operational Excellence, Transportation Planning, Fleet Routing and Inventory
Optimization, Managed Transport Services, Transport Spend Management and
Benchmarking,Contract Logistics and Outsourced Warehousing Management,

Some of the benefits that are realized by clients in our Revenue Share model are:

  • Tangible benefits which include a faster ROI and overall cost savings
  • Being comfortable in making critical decisions because “we are in it together”
  • Better coordination and ownership from both sides because project performance translates
    directly into quantifiable gains

Turnkey Engagements

  • Large Projects need an integrated approach where someone coordinates all the actors and
    takes responsibility for all delivery from concept to completion, TPN consultantshave
    excellent experience and knowledge in this mode.
  • We are a one-stop provider for turnkey solutions in logistics and Warehouse-inventory
    Management and our team of experts can manage complete turnkey project from the first
    job walk through commissioning of facilities such as, warehouses, DC-Hubs,Spare parts
  • We take the burden of all the project risks and complexities involved so that you can focus
    on your core business issues
  • In the Turnkey mode the entire responsibility for the deliverables is on TPN.

Consulting and Audit Assignments.

We offer Audit and consulting services in areas such as Warehouse Layout,design and equipment
selection,Spare Parts Optimisation,Master Data Management,Business process improvement
studies,process consulting.,. Some of the highlights of this model are:

  • Unique understanding of your business/industry vertical –Oil & Gas-
    Mining –Sector
  • Business Value addition to the Process Audit through sharing of
    experience and best practices in the Oil & Gas –Mining industry.
  • End to End Implementation .Training and Support capabilities.
  • Right value proposition at optimal cost-TCO concept and ROI Road Ma

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