Audit And Compliances

This Audit shall study, identify & provide detailed report on;
a) Identify required job resource and equipments as well as new infrastructure requirements;
b) Skills / Competencies / Experience / Job Group level required as compared to industry in
Warehouse-Inventory staff in efficiently managing the warehouse operations with supporting industrial benchmark/examples.
c) Suggest required job profiles and competencies of each profile;
d) Identify and suggest suitability of outsourcing the role to service providers – if available in India and cost beneficial to the client
e) Warehouse infrastructure requirements in terms of size, layout, racking etc..
f) Audit of Warehouse operations and Material Management systems in a view of changes in terminal operations/maintenance requirements as well as upcoming projects.
g) Provide adequacy check of the systems being used by the client.

Other Objectives :

1. Study of operations and inventory stocking list and norms
2. Suitability for conversion of current warehouses to revised needs / Greenfield warehouse construction.
3. Provide civil drawings and layout for such a warehouse that enables us to estimate costs
and begin renovation / construction of same.
4. Warehousing of project surplus items etc
5. Interview of current warehouse staffing and assessing their suitability / competency for
the expanded role
a. Competency gaps if any and manner of addressing the same.
6. Review of current inventory management processes and their efficacy
a. Stock Out
b. Ordering levels
c. EOQ Ordering
d. ABC Classifications
e. Consumables and Capital
7. Review of Warehouse Security measures and additional requirement if any;
8. Review on Material movement from & to the Contractors ( including Contractor’s
material) on Returnable/Non-returnable basis.

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